Sunday, September 28, 2008

Palinka (grappa) licence granted :-)

Our palinka (grappa) licence was granted this week !!!!!! :-))
Now Paul has to make the still and Eszter has to design the labels for it. I don't know how long that will be because both are busy with other things but I'd like to have them ready by the time we finish the cellardoor/gallery interior.
We are at this stage now ...ordered the "trimmings" for the walls and the picture rails.
I've found online the large Gothic pendant lights we want to use on the ceiling and the supplier in Hobart for the Jotul heater.
The pear trees opening their flowers and my Hungarian flat-head cabbages are growing nicely
Small -at least I hope they will recover- farm drama this week was the mysterious disappearance of all leaves from half the newly planted Poplars...careful detective work (me on my all fours, nose to the ground) revealed round and longish footprints... small and big chew marks...BLOODY possums! ...and/or wallabies! They don't have enough fruit trees to munch on?????? ...meticulously trimmed off...EVERY bloody leaf!
We have Pierre from France on HelpeX with us now. He helped plant the garlic, the red onions and the potatoes.
He's off to explore the South... I'm off now to start making Hajnalka's famous Poppy Seed-Grapefruit cake... :-)))

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