Saturday, September 26, 2009


Way toooooo much rain! Turn off that tap! NOW! We need to do the spring jobs! Look at the paddock :-( everything is muddy, soggy, squishy... there is no way Paul can drive the tractor anywhere without churning up the soil. Spring works should have started...weeding, spraying...he did spray the Ziegerrebe with the small backpack today,

they are already opening The others are at woolly bud stage
The apricots are swelling and the button mushrooms popped up in fairy rings.
The top is done on my counter and Paul started on the smaller bedrooms upstairs. To waterproof them -we can't expect a week of no rain- he did get a bargain :-)) We went to get some lino and the lady at the shop was exuberant that she can get rid of it, when Paul told her that he doesn't care about the size or the colour, he just want cheap...It IS truly the most awful design ever invented for a floor covering! :-))) Looking at it you start to feel dizzy :-) Lucky, we don't have to look at it only while the walls go up.
And finally a pic showing Sultan, our number one rooster He's an Australop.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I declare the Official St Imre Sring

Finally we've finished the pruning and I can say that Spring 2009 has arrived at St Imre. The late plums are flowering and the sun is shining :-) We are eternally grateful to Mr ANZ because they've lent a bit more to us and we'll be able to finish everything and move up to the new quarters in time.
My counter is IN, though not yet has a top, only on the short side. It is made from Blackwood.
The HelpX girls weeded the narrow garden and the black tulip really stands out :-)
Now they are cleaning the rock wall under the carpark.
I'm busting my brain with essay writing about legal and ethical issues...geeez, I've spent the last 3 days solidly in front of the computer...
Bring on the tourism season! Full throttle ahead! :-)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Trip to Melbourne and Ballarat

Visited Eszter and Jonathan on the weekend.
Big surprise was an early birthday present from Eszter :-) I have a brand new, jazzy, red, Canon Ixus! :-) You still can't expect me to take Jonathan-quality photos but it's a BIG improvement from my old Canon :-)
We've seen the Dali exhibition. Mindblowing! None of the reproductions can convey the vividness of his originals! If you have a chance to visit the exhibition in Melbourne, don't miss it! It's open until the beginning of next month.
We hopped down to Ballarat -they had the international photo biennial on- and spent a pleasant day. Wide streets, old buildings and exceptionally good food at retro-styled Bibo Bistro. I wanted to look up some reviews about them but could find only one :-( They deserve a MUCH wider reputation! The place's ambiance, the staff's cheerfulness, the chef's truly remarkable taste combination of fresh, local food should place them on the must visit eateries. They are only a hop-an-skip from Melbourne on a cheep train ticket.
We stayed at Rankins Lane Apartment
Birds view, coming home:
and our swallows also arrived home safely :-)
Spring is nearly here...

I managed to get pics of Samy the new steer isn't he gorgeous?
We'll be selling 3 of the last year's girls soon, so if you know someone who would like to buy our Scottish Highland, 3/4 cross cow photo-models, please inform your people that they are available at St Imre.