Saturday, September 26, 2009


Way toooooo much rain! Turn off that tap! NOW! We need to do the spring jobs! Look at the paddock :-( everything is muddy, soggy, squishy... there is no way Paul can drive the tractor anywhere without churning up the soil. Spring works should have started...weeding, spraying...he did spray the Ziegerrebe with the small backpack today,

they are already opening The others are at woolly bud stage
The apricots are swelling and the button mushrooms popped up in fairy rings.
The top is done on my counter and Paul started on the smaller bedrooms upstairs. To waterproof them -we can't expect a week of no rain- he did get a bargain :-)) We went to get some lino and the lady at the shop was exuberant that she can get rid of it, when Paul told her that he doesn't care about the size or the colour, he just want cheap...It IS truly the most awful design ever invented for a floor covering! :-))) Looking at it you start to feel dizzy :-) Lucky, we don't have to look at it only while the walls go up.
And finally a pic showing Sultan, our number one rooster He's an Australop.

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