Saturday, February 27, 2010

We have moved!... here: St Imre Vineyard Blog
All content was transferred and I hope you will have a better visual experience :-)
See you there...
Our infantile website is HERE.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tasting plates

I've prepared some plates as samples for the tasting menu.
Costed them at $ 15.00/plate. Tell me what you think....
The coffee machine is working beautifully but I still have to juggle with the frothing wand to get exactly what I want.
Sylvain, the current helpxer, is putting together our professional website. Fingers crossed it will come alive soon... so you don't have to read all my ramblings if you don't want to :-)
I've been playing with Youtube also. See if I can show you Rozsika and Peter impersonating the Sound of Silence at St. Imre :-)
I've passed my medication management exams...pwhhhhh
Paul is plastering the bedroom walls upstairs....Eszter you should visit more often to hasten the finishing of the house! :-))))

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Menu board and topping the vines

The topping is done I like the vineyard when it looks so neat. (That pile of mulch in the foreground is from the Cypresses. They were cut under the power line and now the mulch is good for the flower garden.)
Paul made the menu board, it turned out MUCH better then I've asked for :-) It looks like another piece of furniture. Eszter will draw a few bunches of grapes in the corner to decorate it...
The Herd came over from the neighbor's paddock
they are fat and healthy, the calves growing fast. Peter is sooo fat, he has rolls around his tail :-)
he's a beautiful, calm beast :-)
We've blended the Possum Piss, so not much longer to wait for...It needs a bit of settling in and we'll bottle it. Not many bottles...please put your name down to the waiting list (send me an email) if you don't want to miss out. You don't have to order it right now but reserving your bottles ensures that you'll get it when you're ready to order. They will cost $ 25.00/ bottle.
And a pretty picture of the newly planted fuchsias