Sunday, December 13, 2009

Moving weeks

We are in the finish line :-)
Much has been done last week...all the little fiddly jobs that take up soooo much time.
Here are some boring details for your pleasure :-)))
This is the lounge room. The windows are in and the door of the firewood box. The fireplace will be one of those old fashioned one you see in European country houses. They are becoming popular again :-) Something like this: You can find more info here. It's worth a look even if you don't understand the language. The Hungarian master probably would be happy to travel if you want one in your house or you can ask Paul to build one after you've seen ours :-)
Windows and box painted:
Arched windows are in:
Big veranda in a mess...
Window glasses supplied and cut by Matt , assisted by Horst :-) and finally installed. Installation assisted by Sarah ;-)
The kitchen benches have a base...
End lastly have a look at our cheeky Native hens :-)
They not only drink from our cats' water bowl but now they jump in for a BATH also! :-))

Friday, November 27, 2009

Just other busy days...

YES! Dear visitors, you can come in. We are open to tastings, despite the upheaval of all this activity around the new house and the cellardoor :-)

The lounge room is taking shape :-) The boys finished the ceiling and the base of the floor In the garden the garlics and onions are growing and the potatoes finally are in the ground My very first tomato is nearly ready to pick! The grapes are on the brink of opening the flowers
School will finish in 2 weeks time... left only: one more essay and the prac exam :-)
21 DAYS to move in...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

4 weeks before moving in

Maria and Tomas from Spain are with us from HelpX and they are helping a lot! :-)
We are getting close to moving-up/in and Paul is feeling the pressure...he's working on the small bathroom today. He started making the new windows also, the ones that will replace those which are green and broken now.
The walls are painted and Tomas is preparing the ceiling panels.
The young blackbirds finally flew the coop :-) and Paul could demolish the big, messy nest from the corner of the house and fix the roof so they will not be able to make a nest there in the future. Don't worry! they'll have plenty other places to make a nest when they'll decide on a new hatching :-))
This is how it looks from the back Those small windows upstairs will also be arched style, like the big ones on the gallery/cafe/winery downstairs. Of course that ladder and temporary backdoor will go :-)
This is the private, main entrance side.
Finally we could plant the garlics and onions and I've passed a few subjects at school :-)
All the best to you all!
I'm looking forward to live up there soon and -along our wines-have the kitchen and the gallery ready to offer a memorable experience to all visitors.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

South Cape Walk

I've taken the French boys down to the Cape. The photos are in sequence, walking out. Enjoy!
Jean Baptiste and Clement
On the button grass plain

Tiny orchid

The bush on the other side of the plain
Freshwater creek
and a little bridge over it
Another creek and the tunnel of trees Temperate rainforest jungle
We arrived
Banksia and native clematis on the shore

Coalface hills Me, nearly blown off the cliff but I was hanging on like these little succulents :-)

At home, on the farm, Paul finally could get on with the work Some more flowers for you :-)
The grapes at few leaves stage.
A very nice couple decided that our farm is a good enough place to settle and start a family here :-) Tow more ducks to feed!?'s a privilege :-)
I could not find them in my bird book, so I would appreciate if any of you could tell me who they are. The male has a distinct blue beak but the body coloration is not matching the one I've found in the book. They are a bit shy but it's not below them to come with the domestic ones at feeding-time :-)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The roof is painted

Jean Baptiste and Clement painting the roof and they've finished the front side today.
We received our "eviction order" :-) 18-th of December. So countdown has started.
Just another busy week otherwise, nothing special...we've seen the sun a few times but not enough yet to drive the tractor onto the vineyard.
Second choocky mama managed to hatch ONE chick! :-) I have no idea what happened to the other eggs, why they went bad...the native birds were more successful with their first clutch, 4 new Gallinula grace our land
And some apple blossoms to send a smile to you, especially if on your part of the world winter is approaching

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The roof is on

The roof is finished, now it just have to be painted. Paul is complaining that this monkey business (climbing the trusses) is not for an old man :-)
My 4 cattle girls left for the market :-( they will be sold tomorrow. I hope they will go to good people, to a nice, lush pasture...The mothers are crying for 3-4 days...I don't like to hear it :-(
The tables in the corner are looking bare but I like their dark colour and this is just another step yet before we open fully...
Finally we had 3 days of NO rain! The soil is drying, so hopefully next week we can do something in the vineyard also.
For a cheerful ending, here are some flowers from the garden: