Thursday, October 22, 2009

The roof is painted

Jean Baptiste and Clement painting the roof and they've finished the front side today.
We received our "eviction order" :-) 18-th of December. So countdown has started.
Just another busy week otherwise, nothing special...we've seen the sun a few times but not enough yet to drive the tractor onto the vineyard.
Second choocky mama managed to hatch ONE chick! :-) I have no idea what happened to the other eggs, why they went bad...the native birds were more successful with their first clutch, 4 new Gallinula grace our land
And some apple blossoms to send a smile to you, especially if on your part of the world winter is approaching


Hella&Krisz&csajok said...

Nagyon szépen alakul a ház!
Szép napot

St. Imre Vineyard said...

Köszi Hella :-)

Szilvi said...

Jó lesz nagyon :)Meg, hogy domboldalban van... szenzációsan jó!!! :)