Thursday, October 29, 2009

South Cape Walk

I've taken the French boys down to the Cape. The photos are in sequence, walking out. Enjoy!
Jean Baptiste and Clement
On the button grass plain

Tiny orchid

The bush on the other side of the plain
Freshwater creek
and a little bridge over it
Another creek and the tunnel of trees Temperate rainforest jungle
We arrived
Banksia and native clematis on the shore

Coalface hills Me, nearly blown off the cliff but I was hanging on like these little succulents :-)

At home, on the farm, Paul finally could get on with the work Some more flowers for you :-)
The grapes at few leaves stage.
A very nice couple decided that our farm is a good enough place to settle and start a family here :-) Tow more ducks to feed!?'s a privilege :-)
I could not find them in my bird book, so I would appreciate if any of you could tell me who they are. The male has a distinct blue beak but the body coloration is not matching the one I've found in the book. They are a bit shy but it's not below them to come with the domestic ones at feeding-time :-)

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