Wednesday, November 11, 2009

4 weeks before moving in

Maria and Tomas from Spain are with us from HelpX and they are helping a lot! :-)
We are getting close to moving-up/in and Paul is feeling the pressure...he's working on the small bathroom today. He started making the new windows also, the ones that will replace those which are green and broken now.
The walls are painted and Tomas is preparing the ceiling panels.
The young blackbirds finally flew the coop :-) and Paul could demolish the big, messy nest from the corner of the house and fix the roof so they will not be able to make a nest there in the future. Don't worry! they'll have plenty other places to make a nest when they'll decide on a new hatching :-))
This is how it looks from the back Those small windows upstairs will also be arched style, like the big ones on the gallery/cafe/winery downstairs. Of course that ladder and temporary backdoor will go :-)
This is the private, main entrance side.
Finally we could plant the garlics and onions and I've passed a few subjects at school :-)
All the best to you all!
I'm looking forward to live up there soon and -along our wines-have the kitchen and the gallery ready to offer a memorable experience to all visitors.

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