Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2012 Spring

Figs The figs will be productive this year :-) Gladiolus This is my very special green gladiolus. The front small garden looking good thanks to Jo and Brad. Inflorescense Pinot Noir...BIG flowers everywhere :-) Spring @ St Imre All grass slashed, under-rows weed-killed, 2 sprays done...looking good for this year...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hartz Mountain, short trip

We went up to the National Park today. CJ had not seen snow before so we've gone snow hunting :-) Found a bit It was hard going @ places, there was water flowing on the path Jo had to negotiate her steps gingerly :-) Brad visited the Air Walk and later they took pics from the lookout. On the way home we picked up some sushi from Masaaki's in Geeveston. If you had not tried it yet, you HAVE to :-) and now I'm making a Fustolt Csulok Porkolt, which is a potato dish with smoked hocks. Here's a short video to let you listen to the bubbling creek. The snow was melting as we walked, creating swift flowing creeks and waterfalls.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

This is now the blog for our helpx activities

To make St Imre more accessible for Helpx guests, here we start a new chapter :-) No point waffling more about what this blog is about, helpxers are already familiar with this worldwide organisation, so I just start in the middle... :-)) Currently helpers are Jo from UK , Chris from UK CJ from Hong Kong and Brad from Taiwan. Usually we have only 1 helper but these guys are SOOOOO good that -in addition to regularly booked Chris- Jo returned and CJ and Brad "transferred" to us on high recommendation. Alanna recently posted some images from her stay with us. Here I share a few: