Sunday, December 13, 2009

Moving weeks

We are in the finish line :-)
Much has been done last week...all the little fiddly jobs that take up soooo much time.
Here are some boring details for your pleasure :-)))
This is the lounge room. The windows are in and the door of the firewood box. The fireplace will be one of those old fashioned one you see in European country houses. They are becoming popular again :-) Something like this: You can find more info here. It's worth a look even if you don't understand the language. The Hungarian master probably would be happy to travel if you want one in your house or you can ask Paul to build one after you've seen ours :-)
Windows and box painted:
Arched windows are in:
Big veranda in a mess...
Window glasses supplied and cut by Matt , assisted by Horst :-) and finally installed. Installation assisted by Sarah ;-)
The kitchen benches have a base...
End lastly have a look at our cheeky Native hens :-)
They not only drink from our cats' water bowl but now they jump in for a BATH also! :-))

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Esz said...

Yay so close now!!