Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finally online!

Sorry for the looooong absence but Bigpond took its TIME to switch us over to the new house. Nearly a MONTH!!!!! NO COMMENT ! We had fires over the road, the helicopter hovering above us and the incompetent operators instead of trying to find out what's wrong, wanted to sell me a different option EVERY time I've called....
New posts will be coming soon...

Happy New Year !


Andre Stomm said...

Hi Paul and Kat,
hope that you are all well and that St Imre is raging.
Have tried to call a couple of times but have had no luck- bloody answering machines- work of the Devil!!!
We have a couple of good helpers here at present who are looking for a placement next week.
Was wondering if you are still involved in the Helpex program as have not seen your ad for a while.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Warm Regards,
Andre' & kate

St. Imre Vineyard said...

Hi Andre, I've sent you an email from Helpx.