Sunday, January 17, 2010

Life at the new place

The kitchen is nearing completion..first the overhead shelves were done. They are blackheart Sassafras. Here you still can see my temporary camp cooker :-) The cooking books found their places and then the new cooker was installed. No doors on the cupboards yet but that's not so urgent...
The fire on the green velvet hill over the road is finally extinguished by the welcomed rain. Luckily it was a low intensity fire, only the under-scrub burnt out but it was going on for quiet some days.
We were bottling some 08 Pinot today and I've been promised the palinka labels are coming soon ?! :-)

My professional coffee machine is on it's way down to Tassie (yes, as you know EVERYTHING is coming from the mainland and it takes 2-3 WEEKS to get it) and I have beaut, new tasting glasses.

We had some lovely, young customers this week. I find it always a pleasure to meet those who are just starting to learn about wine appreciation and they are not afraid to ask how to drink it responsibly and what is the difference between how you drink beer, alcopops and wine.

Life is getting now into the normal routine in the new place and we absolutely enjoy sitting out on the back veranda with glasses of wine in our hands :-)
And finally the new additions to the chookyard :-)

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Esz said...

LOVE the new kitchen! So much more space. :-D And yes I'll be printing the Daredevil labels today :-D