Monday, September 7, 2009

Trip to Melbourne and Ballarat

Visited Eszter and Jonathan on the weekend.
Big surprise was an early birthday present from Eszter :-) I have a brand new, jazzy, red, Canon Ixus! :-) You still can't expect me to take Jonathan-quality photos but it's a BIG improvement from my old Canon :-)
We've seen the Dali exhibition. Mindblowing! None of the reproductions can convey the vividness of his originals! If you have a chance to visit the exhibition in Melbourne, don't miss it! It's open until the beginning of next month.
We hopped down to Ballarat -they had the international photo biennial on- and spent a pleasant day. Wide streets, old buildings and exceptionally good food at retro-styled Bibo Bistro. I wanted to look up some reviews about them but could find only one :-( They deserve a MUCH wider reputation! The place's ambiance, the staff's cheerfulness, the chef's truly remarkable taste combination of fresh, local food should place them on the must visit eateries. They are only a hop-an-skip from Melbourne on a cheep train ticket.
We stayed at Rankins Lane Apartment
Birds view, coming home:
and our swallows also arrived home safely :-)
Spring is nearly here...

I managed to get pics of Samy the new steer isn't he gorgeous?
We'll be selling 3 of the last year's girls soon, so if you know someone who would like to buy our Scottish Highland, 3/4 cross cow photo-models, please inform your people that they are available at St Imre.


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