Sunday, August 23, 2009

More pruning....

More pruning...block 4 is done, though in this pic I'm only halfway with it It took me 3 days :-( The rain chased me out on day 2 so I couldn't finish it. I had to climb the mountain the third time...good exercise...not that I need any more extra...I'm walking the rows all year long.
Block 3 has some left to prune and we are nearly finished with Block 1 and 2. Any system to why here a bit and there a bit? you ask...yes, they are at different growing ages, different varieties and I try to influence budburst with the timing of the pruning.
It's not officially Spring yet :-) Not here at St Imre. To be official we need:
1. The Apricots to open their pink and the Wattles their yellow blossoms.
2. The Red Robin to start singing. (this he already started)
3. The Swallows to arrive. (this is expected around the 3-rd of September)
4. Us to finish pruning. (who knows when that will happen this year...)
Now we are off to go under the knife again. The Master will see... (No, he will not really SEE while operated on)...the surgeon to get his new left lens.

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