Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Will this rain ever stop?

Today I've been pruning in the rain :-(( I can't wait with the job until the rain will stop. It's not warmer yet but spring is around the corner and I'm about halfway through the pruning.
The younger plum already started to flower and the tulips are out As you can see, the weeds are flourishing too :-) No way you can do anything in this MUD!
Lucky, Paul finished putting half of upstairs under roof. In no rain:

In rain:
Looks funny boarded in with no windows and only the front done yet but we are getting there....
The Master is working on the stairs 12 steps will lead to the upper level. Some modification needed...he miscalculated something (yes, it happens to the best of us) :-)))...the young males in our family are over 1.86 m, he doesn't want them to bow their head going to the bathroom.
We went to give the herd their 'biscuits' this morning and the bulls were very reluctant to come. This was VERY unusual. They used to thunder down the hill first...count...10, 11, 12...who is mooing there? Everybody is here. Lizi IS thinner...tits empty...backside around the fence...there it was !!!!! New baby calf :-), another little brown teddy-bear wobbling on very new, long legs, looking for mum :-))))

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Esz said...

Oh a new baby cow! You must take some photos :-D