Monday, September 1, 2008

Sleep well Old Gondor !

We are very sad... :-((
Old Gondor died Thursday night.
Paul brought her over to the coral from the paddock where she was grazing. She just didn't have the strength to stand up any more :-(( We used her sling to hoist her up and to turn her around several times a day. She accepted feed and drink, ruminated, was alert, shown no sign of fever, no signs of pain...we don't know why and how she deteriorated so quickly when all the others are OK.
She was 10 year old, which is oldish for a cow, but this age alone should not prevent her from carrying her pregnancy to full, normal term.
She just went to sleep and didn't wake up. She is buried in front of the coral where she had her last apple feast and we'll plant an apple tree in her memory.
She gave us 7 calves. Lizi, her latest and one only daughter, will carry her genes further.

Sleep well Old Gondor! Look over the herd from the pasture in the sky!

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