Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's officialy Spring at St Imre

Spring officially arrived with the first swallows! :-)
That black spot IS a swallow :-) First only one arrived then by the afternoon 4 more landed safely home.
The whole length of the property is dug up in anticipation of Telstra coming to connect the phoneline It's filling with falling rain...The Telstra technician come out to do his part but the contractor who supposed to lay the cables isn't that quick...10 working days to answer your queries...repeated 5 times in answer to Paul's nice urging...and the receptionist slammed the phone down on him! "Not happy Jane!!!!!"
The plasterboards arrived also and Paul finished half the walls.

The skylight is installed it is double glassed, a clear one on top and an opaque on the ceiling side.
Finally the Plum Pond is collecting water It is still leaking a bit but it's not a torrent :-) AND the frogs didn't lay their eggs yet :-))
All the newly planted poplars are doing well and the robinias are opening their leaves.
Weedkilling was done and now I have to run, we are making the sausages :-)) We bought a pig yesterday. From the abattoir. Cut in 2...not a live one :-)

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