Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where to buy St Imre wine

I'm pleased to let you know that now our wines can be bought online at Boutique Wineries.
And in Melbourne you find them in Brighton Fine Wines, 410 New St. Brighton.
These places are our exclusive outlets for some varieties and vintages.
Because Paul makes a very limited number of bottles from some variety, those are available only from the cellardoor, here in Dover. So if you would like to taste the "limited editions" you are invited to visit the Far South, the End of Australia :-)
We had a Pig Processing day this week :-)
Made sausages
and white puddings
The hocks and hams are in the smoker but I've baked some sausages
and steamed some white puddings
If you want me to publish the recipes let me know....


Krisz said...

Huha, ilyen finom kolbaszokbol nem lesz arukeszlet abban a brighton-i boltban? :) Tuti lenne par vevo itt arra is. (biztos finom a borotok is, de mi nem elunk ilyen neduvel)

St. Imre Vineyard said...

Sajnos Tyson nem árul kolbászt :-)Le kell gyere ide Doverbe, hogy megkóstoljad :-)