Saturday, September 13, 2008

Poplar planting

Planted the poplars around the property to act as a windbreak.
Nice, big saplings, already opening their leaves.
Paul had to use the sprayer to water them in because they are far from any water source. Then they were watered by the rain also later that night.
The grapes preparing their woolly buds and the first batch of ducklings are growing well, thank you very much :-)) 2 other mummy ducks are sitting also.
And -as if we didn't have enough animals already- we are looking after Ruby the Bunny until the kids can have a house with a backyard :-)))
There were also buying trips to Hobart to get insulation and plasterboard for the gallery, hand- wash basin from Zsolt, the ceramic artist and ordering the bottles and labels for the new vintage.

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