Sunday, October 5, 2008

Usual Spring week

My orchid opened its petals.
I's a joy to look at from the kitchen window :-)
The button mushrooms coming up in fairy circles all over the farm
Little duckies were let out from the nursery. They are big enough now to have a chance of running and hiding from the predatory birds' sharp eyes. They LOVE the water :-)) Mummy duck led them into the pond... first they all pattered around at the edges then, seeing Mum swimming out, they followed her...discovered they can duck underwater...all went into a frenzy of wing slapping, ducking-jumping...then run out very frightened of their own racket :-)) Now they are pros! Majestically gliding about on the pond.
The grapes are opening the second set of leaves. Paul managed to spray them between howling gales and spitting rain :-)
Pierre fixed the clips for the wires onto the posts in ALL the young plantation. Thanks Pierre! we really appreciate your help.
Run up to Hobart a few times to get the bits and pieces...wall trimmings, screws, paint, planting pots for the flowers...
Happy Spring! I'm off to pick those mushies...:-))

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