Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Melbourne weekend

Finally the phone cable is in and buried but it's not working yet.
Ha-ha, you thought that it is THAT simple! Only 3 weeks and you have a working phone??!! Too long a saga to bore you with it. Let me just say that it's not Telstra and is not the contractor who is mucking things up but the people in between. Yes, you call Telstra that you want a new connection, you are given a job number...they call the ORGANIZERS...they call the contractor...job done. Unless job number and your phone number is lost in the system. Not the new one! The old one. Or they looking for you in ADELAIDE ...????? Now the middle bit is connected. And the end bit. Just the start bit needs connecting...They will call within 24 hours to let you know when...4 days later...tomorrow Paul has to call them AGAIN! But at least now we and the ducks don't have to jump over the abyss.
The wall painting is progressing gallery, toilet and store room are done, kitchen smoothed to receive the paint
Friday we flew over to Melbourne to visit Eszter
Went out to Jim's Greek Tavern
...the food was excellent, plenty and around 30 $/person and they don't charge corkage !
Traveled light but couldn't resist a purple pair of shoes and a bottle of Hungarian grappa... :-))) A girl has to have her shoes ! and checking out the competition liquid-vise is always an obligation :-))

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