Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Winter on it's last leg

Miserable weather :-((( raining and it IS cold. This is the time of year when we get the last really cold days. No frost at our place but down in Southport the grass was white yesterday morning. I waited with planting out anything that is sensitive to frost but we managed to sow the dwarf beans and plant some more garlic. The cucumbers went into pots in the hothouse, just in case....
I was running like a headless chook all week :-) To Huonville to tourism meeting (discussed the Green TEA project), to Southport (at Barbara's discussed the promo panels for Far South), to Hobart -several times- on taxi duties...bringing Paul home after he drove up with all his gear (truck, tractor, excavator, post driver etc.), the kids -to and fro- to camp a few days at Cockle Creek, HelpX guest Tracy who arrived Saturday...
Here are some photos...sad colours of Esperance Bay
not much more cheerful Ida Bay but a few minutes later the Sun came out and lit the nearby farm

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