Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Started pruning

Not just started but finished block 4 already :-)
Candy from Hong Kong arrived last Thursday and with her help we started pruning the young vines in block 4. Have finished in no time......but we had to climb the hill about 10 times to do so. Great exercise! :-) Wish we had a 4 wheel bike!!!! Summertime, when the road is drivable, Lucifer (my Honda Jazz) takes me up but this time of the year only the tractor or
your 2 or 4 legs makes it accessible. The other blocks are waiting in line...
Big Red Riding Hood (aka old Toyota truck) had a fatal tantrum with her clutch :-( Paul took her to the last journey she had in St.Imre's service. She will be advertised and sold promptly. If someone wants her in service then good on her! - if not..she will be scrap metal soon. The new arrival is a Dodge. She is an old lady also but with a lot more grace and grunt :-) Currently undergoing some adornment (fitted with anchoring points to be able to transport the excavator).
Exca finally has her new shoes! This was a long saga getting all the bits and pieces from Japan in three different shipments thanks to the incompetence of Hitachi's Launceston team...but never mind, take it easy, she'll be apples, this is Apple Island after all....She is ready to work from tomorrow after some thin copper sheet application to her starter motor, Paul is fabricating now.
Now off to the mountain....I'm showing off our Mount Wellington to Candy today.

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