Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How you can find us

Thanks Eric for your question.
It is so easy to find us that the obvious didn't occur to me... to tell you all where we are and how to find us.
We are at 6900 Huon Hwy, Dover, Tasmania, Australia.
From Hobart CBD you drive out on Davey Street. It will become the Southern Outlet taking you to Kingston. Before Kingston -at the roundabout- take the left line to Huonville. You are on Huon Highway (A6) now. In Huonville drive straight -through the Huon River bridge- continuing South on Huon Hwy. You will pass Franklin, Castle Forbes Bay and Port Huon. Before Geeveston -on your left- you'll find Scotts Road (C634). This is a shortcut taking you back to A6 before Waterloo. After Surges Bay and Glendevie you are descending toward Dover. We are exactly at the 60 Km sign on the right.
We are open Saturdays and Sundays, 9 am -5 pm but if we are at home you can visit any day! Just phone ahead on 0428 107 451 to allow me time to come down from the vineyard where I might be working.

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