Saturday, June 7, 2008


The Zork closures finally arrived. They look similar to the wax we were using before. The very big advantage of using these closures instead of corks is that they will prevent not only cork taint but the inconsistency we experienced with corks. We've tried 3 different brands of cork so far with -not very happy- results. Because we don't fine, rarely filter our wines and Paul uses the least amount of preservative or -when the year permits- not at all, the closure is very important for us. We used Zork first on our 07 Chardonnays and we are happy with them :-) It is easy to apply, cost is similar to corks and some permeability is promised (as opposed to steel caps) on which we can't report yet but keep reading this blog...for a few more years :-))
Aimee, our HelpX guest, arrived also. She was helping all made the job easier. Thanks Aimee! Here she is deep in discussing the intricacies of bottling :-)
We finished the Pinots yesterday and the Tiger Blood today.

Paul is rinsing the bottles with antiseptic solution. Notice the new bottle-carrying trolley and the draining rack he made :-)))
And here ...
...the Chief Bottler. :-)))


candylicat said...

It is very interesting work! I am look forward to see you and the lovely vineyard!

Eric said...

If I want to drive to your vineyard from Hobart for a visit, could you please advise the address? Thanks.

St. Imre Vineyard said...

Thanks Eric.
I've added the map also.

acsferi said...

A foto a "zork closures"-el (piros kupakok)
nagyon szep !!