Friday, January 2, 2009

Last week of 2008

It was very busy :-)
Paul installed the kitchen doors and windows and the vanity Since then it has the splash-back tiled.
We went down to Lune River to board the Ida Bay railway It was a pleasant trip through the forest, down to the sea.
The nurses from our small hospital came to celebrate Christmas at St Imre :-) They were full of prise for my first function, despite the less then perfect "function venue" :-) Proper chairs and tables are still in Paul's head, not even drawn on paper yet :-) They will be made in time...he doesn't do drawings :-) I'll see them only when he will start making them.
Later that day we had our family dinner Nice Chrissy this year! We had everybody home in Tassie :-)
Jonathan arrived for New Year's Eve.
They went to climb Mount Wellington today and we'll be driving to Lake Pedder tomorrow.
New additions to St Imre fauna were brought out by their parents from the marshes
4 new black balls of fluff hatched :-)

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