Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year to all of our Asian friends!

Happy Chinese New Year !!!!!!!

(painting of Lin Yue )

Though not as elaborate as Claire would have it among her family home but we had a veritable feast last night :-)
We've been up to Hobart to pick up Max and Sharon from USA who will join us for nearly 2 weeks on HelpX. After arriving, Claire started cooking for us all. Max joined in with some creative interpretation on the dumpling making :-) and Sharon provided the conversation topics while the dumplings boiled.
There was a chicken dish also but we missed out on the whole fish. Claire was too shy to ask me to get it in Hobart and by the time we set down to discuss in depth her customs on Chinese New Year, there was no place to buy a whole fish.
Everything was delicious! Thanks Claire!
The wines I've sent to Hong Kong got there just before the new year celebration began :-)

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