Sunday, January 11, 2009

Duck Hole Lake and Russell Falls

It's good that visitors twist our arms to stop working and smell the roses :-)
Eszter wanted to do the Duck Hole lake walk (where that girl, few weeks back, got lost and the helicopter woke us again at 2 AM flying over the house...she was found safe next day! I'm saying "again" because unfortunately it's a frequent thing in our part of the world that visitors underestimate the seriousness of our backyard. It doesn't look that threatening to wander off the path but within minutes you can get disorientated and lost! Your city sneakers easily slip off the rounded, wet stones or your feet get trapped between gnarly tree-roots breaking your ankle if you fall. The rescue chopper came out twice this week.) This is the lake at the foot of Adamson's Peak. DON'T wander further up the hill! The track ENDS there. It's not signposted further up and the path leads to nowhere from there! It was trodden by other foolish visitors who don't ask for local advise before walking into the wilderness.
You can't get lost at Russell Falls ... ... only if you try very hard :-)) We went with Eszter and Jonathan to check out the Mt. Field NP and drive up to lakes Pedder and Gordon.
Horse Shoe Fall at Mt.Field On the way up we met some locals :-) An echidna busily looking for food and a trout doing the same in a fast flowing creek a small lake and some unusual, fluffy flowers
Next week will be Bruny Island with helpx guest Tammy.
The hand basin in the wash room is ready , so are the cabbages to pick and pickle. They are HUGE ! The biggest cabbages I've ever seen, let alone grow them :-))
Paul is preparing the site for the new shed which will house the wood workshop. He has to move everything out of my living room! :-))

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