Sunday, December 21, 2008

Adamson's Peak Hike

Some of us from the Far South decided to do the Adamson's Track this morning. It's on our map I hand out and people are asking about it. How can I give advise if I haven't been up there yet? :-))
It is described as a Category 3 track, for experienced climbers only. It IS hard going :-) All the way up to the plateau -3 hours- there are relentless steps going up and up..... Some places the steps were at my waist hight. In some parts it is ascending in a creek bed or over marshy spots , necessitating gaiters and waterproof boots. Near the plateau -where the hut's ruins are - little waterfalls fill your bottle with crystal-clear, cold water. I didn't go further from the hut because my leg muscles would've needed a slower ascent :-)) From there it's another 2 hours across the plateau and a smaller ascent to the summit with 360 degrees views over the Far South.
At the hut I've opened the St. Imre Tiger Blood :-)) and my friends took up what was left to the summit . Coming down took 2 hours. Found it easy albeit -across the muddy spots- my boots slipping sometimes. The forest is magnificent! At the lower parts remains of the giant trees still bear the scars the forestry boys cut for their stepping pegs 60-80 years ago. Flowering small bushes , lichens , many type of mosses and ferns ..... the serenity broken only occasionally by a rustle of a lizard or a bird calling.
Stopped at many places to take photos but now I've done it, I will take up the family, next time to the summit, to show the iconic mountain in our backyard :-)

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