Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous, Blessed, Happy New Year to every one of my readers!!!

Geeezz...are you all organized yet? I'm spinning...
Presents: ticked; cards, e-cards sent, ticked; food: half in the pantry; turkey: ticked; ham on order, to be picked up Tuesday; cakes' ingredients still in the shops but at least I've decided what to bake; Christmas trees (1 for house, 1 for cellardoor):..the birds are probably still singing on them... Tue. also; drinks: that's the door in the cellar :-); decorating: I have no idea...somebody will do it...
Paul installed the screen for the small stairs
this will be behind my counter.
Kitchen tiled Tick :-)
EFTPOS machine arrived but when I move it loses the phone connection. No tick here :-(( I'll have to call Bank and sort it out.
I've made peace with Au Post. Tick. After another saga -this time shorter- finally I'm connected to the right people :-)
Bottled the whites also. Tick. Nick and Nikki from hong Kong helped
Houdini couldn't elude me. Tick. Here SHE is with mum and some of the herd SHE, because I think it's a heifer :-)) We couldn't get close enough yet to be absolutely certain. Paul must have seen the umbilical cord...:-))) AND we have an other calf, born to Piroska on Tuesday. Paul named her Ibi. No photo yet and I just might want to take a closer good look before I concede to that name! :-)))

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