Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's a BOY!

No, not a human one, a 4 legged one :-)
We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Hudini Of St Imre, bull calf of Rozsika Of St Imre.
They are over grazing at the neighbour's and last afternoon Rozsika was complaining very loudly, attracting my attention. Paul climbed the mountain, confirmed that she did give birth, her udder is over-full and no baby to be found. She is looking for it, franticly calling and walking up and down...It's 8 o'clock already, the sun is setting, but we jump in the car and drive over around where it is easier to climb the hill...looking under every clump of grass, clambering over every blackberry bush...NO calf. Did the devils eat it? Did it wander into the forest? Did it fell into a crevice? the pitch dark we drive home deflated and worried. Rozsika stops calling in about half on hour. She must of found the little bugger! First thing this morning Paul prepares to claim again...but fined the whole herd happily dozing around the lake :-))) Baby included! When Paul wants to take a closer look at him, he jumps up and runs for his life with dancing steps, sure as a gazelle, into the cover of willow trees... :-))) So hence his very apt name of Hudini. I have no pictures yet but I'll soon corner the 3 days old, little brown beast!!!!
We have steady progress everywhere.
The floor is sanded, (here just after the first layer), I've started Block 1 with the shoot thinning, back labels arrived, posted the wines to Hong Kong, a new batch of ducklings hatched, Fumi left because he found paid work at the back neighbor's apple orchard, Rachel IS a P driver -she obtained her licence last week! :-)) and I have a new gadget - a birthday present from them- a digital photo frame :-)
And it is still raining every day!

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kayem said...

You're certainly never bored at St Imre vineyard... Congratulations to Houdini!