Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This week

There was enough rain for a whole month now! We need a bit of sunshine to get on with the works.
Paul and Fumi are pulling out the grow wires in block 1. Not much left to do now but I have to get another roll as they've run out again :-)
We have done a bit of labeling ... until we also run out of supply. Eszter is printing the next batch of back labels. Very organized we are...It's really hectic here this time of the year even without building a cellardoor and new house :-)
Serra is taking off the new shoots which grew since last time we de-budded and I'm spraying the weeds everywhere I find them.
Not all work though :-) The young ones were out hiking
and also took a bunch of photos from our backyard. Here is Adamson's Peak, Dover's own Mount Fuji in the rays of the setting Sun.
They seem to be fascinated by what I'm cooking :-) so some dishes make it to the internet for you to join around our table. Osso Bucco with semolina , lamb shank with cabbages , sour cherry cake
The new brood of duckies are growing but at 2 days old it's hard to step up to the nest :-))
And last for today, Possum Kitty said: Good By

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KittyMeow said...

El kudtem mar a hatso labelokatt :-D Remelem meg kapod holnap vagy holnap utan :-)