Monday, November 10, 2008

Some progress

  • the lights arrived from Melbourne, we picked them up and this week we'll have the electrician to wire them in.
  • Chose the sinks for the kitchen, decided on the dishwasher, bought the toilet, ordered the tiles
  • trimmings around the ceiling, doors and windows are done
  • Serra form Hong Kong arrived and she is helping with all this varnishing, painting, oiling...
  • planted out the gherkin seedlings
  • new lot of ducklings hatching
  • Paul remodeled the Plum Pond. Again! If it'll still leak I'll SCREAM! :-))))
  • new phone finally working!
  • Jonathan shot Eszter...with the new camera...(what were you thinking?? :-))) )

1 comment:

kayem said...

It's coming along great!!!! Nice photo of Eszter
Klári xxx