Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vintage 2009

We started vintage 2009 !
Picked the Ziegerrebe today. Not much on them yet, they are very young grapes, but we hope it was worth the trouble :-) The small press is ready to start work this year. Berries in the bin waiting for pressing.
Septic tank buried before the big rain. 40 mm overnight filled the Plum Pond to overflow
Garlic heads cut. I'll clean them nicely later and will be selling them from the shop. You'll need them against Vampires! :-)) and this place has a medieval image with Transylvanian owners. It's fitting to sell some garlic, not?
Ales finished the garden bed wall He's done an excellent work! Thanks Ales, we'll miss you when you leave our place! He's repainting the veranda now.

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