Monday, March 9, 2009

Started netting

The Ziegerrebe is ripening fast :-) lucky, the birds didn't discover it because we had only a bit of netting left over from the previous years. Ordered the new ones from Melbourne -here in Tassie we couldn't find the width we were after- but who knows when it'll arrive... This was enough for 4 rows, the rest just have to big bird pressure yet.
This morning though I've heard the walnut thief screeching :-)) the first sulphur-crested cockatoo thinks the time is right to raid the trees.
Ian came down with his incredible work! They were hang Saturday. The pics don't do justice to his work. It is very hard to make a good photo against the light coming through those church windows :-) and the glittering "blings" on the works reflect the flash back badly. ( Jonathan, this will be your job to solve :-) )
Yoann and Ales started on the garden wall Yoann and Delphine left to fly around Au -literally, as he is a glider pilot :-) Ales is an exceptionally hard worker! :-) He'll finish it in no time...

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