Sunday, March 1, 2009

End of Summer?

By the look of it we HAD Summer ...
Slowly the berries go into veraison. This is the Baco which is always the first to colour. We have to net them ASAP before Number 1 Enemy (birds) discovers them :-) Number 2 (wasps) must have been wiped out by the winter cold. So far I've seen only 3 flying around...good!... cross fingers they will not be in plague proportion like last year x x x x x x ...The other varieties are way off yet and this year 's berries will be very small, promising exceptional quality but much less then last year. All of them set the berries uneven, as you can see from the pics. We know that there was no microelement deficiency in the soil so I think it was caused by the prolonged flowering due to unusually cold weather at Spring.
Hang some paintings on the gallery walls, Danny's and Eszter's and Ian will bring his works sometime in the coming weeks. Our first exhibition is stirring in my mind...but before we'll have everything just how I imagine it, I'm not getting excited... :-)
The boys (P. and Yoann from France) are cutting firewood and put down the floor of the new shed. Development plans were handed in to council and the girls (Isabelle and Delphine from France) are harvesting the garlic. HUGE ones! It was a good crop this year also. We'll be able to sell some like last year.

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KittyMeow said...

I think it IS the end of summer! Definitely cooling here too.

My paintings look good on the wall :-)) I like how Dad mounted the smaller ones on the black backing.