Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good food and Wine show - Melbourne

Totally South Tourism -our Huon Valley organisation- will have an exhibition space at the show. They will represent us with tastings of our 2004 and 2006 Pinot. So, if you have time, please go down to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, 30th of May - 1th June, to try some of our wine.
I couldn't send more, due to the ridiculous quotes I received to freight the wines over... :-((( One transport company wanted over 200 $ for the freight of 1 ...yes, one...carton! That's 12 bottles with 17 kg weight. To Melbourne! I shudder to think how much it would cost to send it to Perth or Cairns..... Australia Post delivered it for 20 $ AND it was there in 4 days, including the weekend!
We will be using Australia Post if you would like to order.
The 2004 St. Imre Pinot Noir is 22.00 $ and the 2006 is 33.00 $.
You can place an order by phoning 03 62 981 781.

I know we are at the End of the World... but this freight business rammed it home! How can I serve our interstate customers if our location is such a disadvantage???? The 6 courier and freight companies I called were quoting sky high prices or -worst- they put down the phone with "sorry we don't deal with this"...one, after personally going into their office, didn't "find the time" yet to call back or send an email...
Uffff...that was my whinge for this week....

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