Sunday, May 25, 2008

2008 harvest finished

Finally I have a bit of time to update you on the last weeks happenings.
We finished picking ! :-) Paul is still busy in the winery pressing, transferring and continuously cleaning and recording ....
Eszter and Jonny arrived on the 7-th and we started picking the Tiger Blood material the next day.
On the 10-th friends and family descended on the vineyard...balmy weather, sunshine and 20 pairs of industrious hands made light work of the day's picking.
Picker buckets, bins and vats were filling up fast! By 2 PM we had nearly 2 tones picked, some nicks on little fingers and battle wounds on Timur's lip inflicted by Mango :-) Poor was his first time in a fight and he was VERY surprised. Mango is half his size but with an overinflated ego :-)) He just couldn't stand a giant, lumbering blob of awkwardness in his way. Mango bit his great hanging lip... Timur pinned him down ...growls ... shouts (from the humans) ...first aid kit ready-handy was an animated day :-)))
The new bogracs (billy) turned out to be too small for such a large gathering. Solution?... a custom-cast one -for next year- in one of Hobart's foundries.
Our HelpX guest -Hannah from USA, Oregon- arrived next week.
She helped pick the rest of the grapes and she was busy in the winery too...:-))
Pinot in fermenting vat.

Thanks to everyone for the help and we hope that next year will be the same!

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