Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pad for the crusher

Paul and Janos prepared the concrete pad for the crusher. It is a long awaited progress :-)
So far we did the crushing/destemming in the winery. Not any more! :-)) Paul wanted to do this work outside - it is easier to clean everything, don't have to drive in with the tractor, he can use the crusher's extension for bigger load processing...and simply it appeals to his sense of order :-) He is making the chute through the wall now which will let the crushed and destemmed berries flow into the fermenting vats.
The trip up North was tirening but fruitful. Visited our friends in Lilydale and picked up the excavator parts and the tree seedlings
from Hitachi and Woodley Nursery. On the way home the most spectacular Tassie sunset presented itself, lighting the sky for half an hour. Regretting that I left my camera home, it was the last few minutes only I could capture when it clicked that maybe the phone's camera would work :-))) did ...but my handicap with these newfangled devices prevents me to download it to the laptop. Ahhh..I know about bluetooth and USB but I don't know much yet about the Mac I'm using since my old PC moved to computer heaven.
I've cut my computer-teeth on a 486 when all the teeth around the desk was in my own mouth! :-)) and they were white! not blue. Now I just have to figure out how to get this blue tooth bite...and I'll post the photos next time.
Have a warm weekend ...with or without rain... depending what you were praying for ! :-)))

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