Saturday, April 12, 2008


We had Simon from Canada visiting.
We joined HelpX a few months ago and since then it's nearly full house here all the time :-))
HelpX is a worldwide network of travellers and hosts. We are hosts, meaning that we offer accommodation and food for our guests in exchange of 4 hours of their time daily. This is an immense opportunity for us to get to know young travellers from all over the world and to get help with any jobs going on the farm. For them it is an inexpensive way of tarvelling and a glimpse into the everyday life of the host family, the customs and culture of the country they are visiting.
Our kids grown up and moved out, so having these visitors living with us, brings back the laughter, the enthusiastic discussions and the vibrating vitality around the dining table :-))) We offer a home away from their family and they bring Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, Ireland, Canada...into our life.
Simon helped to cut and bring in the firewood for winter, level the site for the crusher , dusted and swept, cleaned Lucifer (my little black Honda Jazz), tracked down to South Cape, wandered around Hartz National Park taking amazing photos and we talked politics, religion, customs, history, philosophy, the psychology of growing up, grape growing, winemaking, the weather...we saved the world and planned its future... all this in 4 days :-)))
We might live at the End Of The World but life is not boring down here ! :-)))

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