Monday, February 11, 2008

We planted the first grapes in 1999.
By the time we unpacked our belongings on this Paradise Island in 89 there was only on vineyard not pruned :-) That was where we got the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay cuttings from. They promptly went into the ground... at the front of the house. The makeshift nursery was close enough for me not to overexercise myself with just walking before I've spent hours on my hands and knees babying them :-)
We didn't have any implements - hey, we didn't have a tractor to attach them to either :-) - but we acquired some incredibly friendly, helpful, welcoming, generous (imagine all the other superlatives here)...neighbours !!!! John quickly become our Substitute Father with his knowledge in all farm related subjects and his tractor with everything we needed. He ripped the matted pasture for the future vineyard. At some places the rows went serpentine where a big rock dictated...just in case Paul went asleep spraying or slashing later :-)

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