Friday, February 22, 2008

Building the Cellardoor

Paul is building the cellardoor.
From the first peg in the ground this is HIS well as doing the "men's business" in the vineyard, making wine, designing furniture, making beautiful wooden objects to sell, milling timber for the building and furnitures, digging up stones, building roads and ponds with his excavator, inventing than making some farm machinery, improving woodworking machines to his liking, ringing the bull calves, shooting our ducks and chooks for the table ( yeh, I do the plucking and rest... but "bringing home the kill" is men's business in our household :-)) ), sculptures and paintings (explanation to old friends: not much time left to pure art as you can see)...ect, ect, etc...
If this sound like boasting...IT IS! He is the most industrious, generous, big hearted, talented artist I know and I have the pleasure to live with him. To share our daily struggles, good and bad, in health and in sickness, past and future.
Stone work nearly done...

frames are up......veranda roof is lined

...getting some decorative extras and the outside finished.
We are open for business! :-)))
The inside still needs many hours of work and we apologize to our customers for the rudimentary set-up but we hope for your understanding and invite you to join in the fun of seeing it developing further.


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