Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pruning and house building

Paul started building the house. We have to move up there ASAP. Hardly wait....Here are some pics on the progress:
Old roof coming off:
First section of the master bedroom:
View from the master bedroom :-)) it's a bit (very) dirty at the moment but...this window will be a Gothic one, like the ones at the front. other window here:
bathroom and corridor: going down to the other 2 bedrooms. Skylight for lounge and my secret storage space:
New roof structure started:
It was variable weather today so don't expect artistic photos from me :-)) I've been pruning all day, couldn't get bothered to look for right angles for the pics. My hand is still holding up, no pain yet...Chris and Candy helping pre-prune the old ones
they are doing a very good job! Thanks! Look how much they've done block 1 with mama ducky who ALWAYS can get out: and here's DONE:

Paul's eyes are a bit sensitive still, he has to wear the sunglasses while working, but so far so good.
Finished another paper on OH+S. Not quiet...still 2 more pages to go but at least I know where I'm going with it and done all the research. Geeezzzz, I HATE essay writing! Did I tell you before? :-))) 3 more to do soon :-(( just the ones we know about yet...I'm not complaining though. I really love school! Pat me on the back, because I didn't have to resubmit the Communication one and I'm a veritable expert now on fire hazards and even done an evacuation plan for the business :-))
It's time to put some food on the table. Bon appetite! And Anica and Craig...yes we are thinking of you when we'll rise the glasses tonight :-)

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Esz said...

The house is really coming along great! I can't wait to see it again! By time we come down again it might even be finished :-D