Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finished the harvest

Finally it's over! This year's crop is safely in the cellar, some awaiting pressing, some are still merrily bubbling and some are gently settling in their containers.
We bottled a barrel of 08 Pinot but the Zork for the rest is still probably in the air, flying over the Tasman from NZ...Before bottling we sampled and tested...
Not much else to report...just normal busy days. For a change, our helpX visitors are Hungarians this time :-) Tamas is helping with the netting (they are coming down), painted the big supporting beams for the living room and today gave a hand with the intricate task of dissecting the 5 ducks that were destined to the table :-) Bianka is a first class duck plucker! :-)) and now a pro in butchering the birds.
School has started again; I've passed my OH+S and Communication tests without needing to resubmit. Phheeeewwww...

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