Sunday, April 5, 2009

Roof structure and walls for shed

The roof rafters are up and the boys finished cladding the wall. Paul used cement sheets for the walls, they are the ones you commonly use for bathroom floors. Cheap... -ish, durable, not flammable, waterproof and a nice smooth platform for the paint.
I've plucked off a bit more leaves from the Chardonnay rows. See how the grapes compensated for the already picked leaves? They grew small side shoots and turned their leaves outward to cover the fruit. Now I've exposed them again With this current rainy, gloomy, no-Sun days Paul thinks they need to be exposed more to ripen the fruit. Meteo predicts SNOW for tonight! Down to 600 meters. It'll be a far way off from us but it'll be COLD tonight.
We used little clips this year to connect the netts. It made the job easier, quicker and only the outside rows had to be pegged to the ground.
Mili gave birth to a healthy calf! The new "teddy" calf already runs around the neighbour's HUGE paddock like a gazelle :-)) I have no idea how we'll be able to catch it to ring this IS a boy. Or so Paul thinks :-)
And just a pic of one of our little tree in flower.


KittyMeow said...

Ah so clipping the nets together means the naughty birds can't make off with as much fruit as they normally would?

The flowers look really pretty too :-)

Gabi said...

What a nice flower.What`s the name of this bush?

St. Imre Vineyard said...
New Zealand Christmas bush or tree, Metrosideros excelsus