Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter !!!!

We wish you a Happy Easter ! with the bounty of this basket, picked this morning.

We hope the Bunny brings plenty of colourful eggs and you will have a happy holiday spent with family and good friends :-)
Outside, in the bay many small boats litter the water. It's the annual Dover Regatta.
The boys nearly finished the roof of the builder's shed, only the ridge is missing yet.
We had a function last week to celebrate the Far South Tourism Network's effort in promoting our area. This is the display rack and the FSTN website that the group commissioned with the help of the Tourism Promotion Plan grant.
Jody from England arrived last night and we planted out the pencil pines under the windows.
Cheers and happy holidays...


KittyMeow said...

So many things are coming along!

I am thinking, since Jonny is in QLD from May 10 to 17th I might just come down and visit then. Shall book the flights next week if I can :-D

St. Imre Vineyard said...

Greeeeat! Nice surprise Kitty :-)))