Saturday, August 16, 2008


It was raining every day last week. We had 44 mm so far.
It is welcomed by the newly planted Robinias, the ducks and the snails :-))
The ponds are filling nicely but we couldn't do any work in the vineyard. It's too muddy everywhere.
The Spring Lake is overflowing first time this year
It goes under the road into the Plum Pond. From there -not by design :-)- bubbles up and feeds the marsh.
Plum Pond is a natural spring spot like Spring Lake, fed from underneath. When Paul built it, the wall had a rocky layer and he didn't plaster it with enough clay to hold the pressure of the water. By the time he discovered the leak the pond was full of tadpoles :-) He said he'll wait until the frogs grow up before he'll start fixing it...Now it's muddy. No go with the excavator until it dries up. But by the time it will dry up I'm pretty sure the frogs will lay their eggs again...:-)))) Hey, I don't want a family dispute... :-)))... Plum Pond can stay as dedicated frog breading ground until he starts on the BIG landscaping :-)

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