Monday, August 4, 2008

Day trip to Gordon Dam

Candy from Hong Kong returned with her friend to help again. They pre-prune the old vines, taking out 2/3-rd of the canes. Their work is BIG help, saving many hours for us. So to reward them we went up to the mountains yesterday.
Mount Sentinel was veiled in low clouds:
Lake Peder shows its usual beauty:

Some pretty pebbles
The Gordon Dam was awesome...

It was a 500 km round trip, by the time we arrived home it was dark. The chooks and ducks went to bed hungry...but Chris cooked up a storm in the kitchen for us :-))

Finally Paul finished his application for the grappa licence and sent it off. Needed more paperwork than a passport :-))
Apart from these, it was just a normal working week...

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