Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just some winter photos

Candy haven't seen snow before so we had to drive up to the Hartz mountain to find some :-) These are her photos:
The Big Tree Butt
A waterfall
Misty hills
We cooked stuffed cabbages for dinner
Possum kitty and
duckies enjoying a bit of sunshine...
...Fergus also...
...and Timur as a matter of course :-)
It is his DUTY to enjoy himself :-)))


kayem said...

Great photos!! Klárixx

Anonymous said...

The cabbages had maids and a driver?
Staffed? :-)))

I thought they would have been stuffed. With something on the inside. But if you reckon they had employees... :-)


St. Imre Vineyard said...

Thanks for the proof reading Zoo ;-) The cabbages turned out authentic. 98%! How's yours?