Sunday, March 16, 2008

Head of Security caught sleeping...

Opalguard Nelson aka. TIMUR was our choice of appointment to Head of Security. We are very happy with this appointment but as you can see His Royal Highness sometime neglects his duty! If I want to be brutally truthful... HRH considers SLEEP as his highest duty :-)
He was chosen from a noble litter from Opalguard kennel, Tamworth, NSW.
From an early age he displayed a lovely temperament and a fondness for sleep.

He gets along well with everybody and takes his duty seriously... when he's not sleeping.
On duty:

Playing with Krampusz:

His beloved Teddy:

Guest are greeted by him with utmost majesty...ambling up and sniffing your bum, calmly waiting for a pat, turning and leading you up the stairs. So don't be afraid to get out of your car and to pay HRH his due respect (pat on the head) when you see his 50kg+ hulk approaching, HRH Timur is only welcoming you to St. Imre.

Other members on duty at St. Imre are:

The Poultry Patrol

They are responsible for pestcontrol in the vineyard. With their invaluable help we managed to avoid spraying ANY pesticide on the vines.

The Rodent Exterminator Squad

Chief Tomcat Petyi

Deputy Tomcat Caruso

Queen Cirmi

AND some others

The Lawn Mover Team
Fergus of Lachlan Mhor

Mama Göndör

Twins Ili and Mili...

...with their Mum Piros


Bálint, Lizi and Barnus not featured in photos because I can't find a portrait :-)

and the Sadly Departed
who are buried in our Pet Cemetery under the olive trees
Former Chief Tomcat Bundy

Former Head of Security,Hector...

...with Dozer


KittyMeow said...

Jaj de edes az egesz csapat!! :-)

Pista said...

Nekem Fergus of Lachlan Mhor tetszett a legjobban azzal a kócos fejével :)
Persze a többiek is nagyon aranyosak (és hasznosak)

Anonymous said...

Nagyon jo az egerirto csapat.